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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Tetris: Arena

Ok I know this isn't PS3 games but I will review it anyways to add to the blog. So A few months ago I was at the arcade playing this game called Tetris right?

We all seen it, the goal of the game is to clear as many lines with figures made out of four squares. It made me think if I can find the game online and I did with the original designers placing it online with a few commercial breaks on their most popular games. So recently they made this new game where you compete live streaming with people on the web with you. (you need an account 1st which is free) The game is called Tetris Arena(& no I am not being paid to review this although I wish I was). The goal of the game is to send lines you clear to your opponents until the appearing figures collide with the settled figures. Then you win. Now there are items that you can use to help you cheat and win, some you can buy with a credit card, but most are free. The included items in the beta version thus far are about 16 made total. You can activate them by clearing out a specific piece of a figure that comes to you and pressing V to use it.
Some are (with lack of proper grammar concerning the split infinitive to emphasize importance) Completely and Utterly Useless! One where you just block the view that shows what pieces you have next which doesn't slow your opponent down at all. Others like the twister or freeze tetris position really get you angry if you get it.
There is a live chat box on the side (Pictured above) which I found nice if you like bragging or annoying the ones you are playing with, but most ignore it.
The site has you in ranks based on the experience points you acquire playing it, get in the top 50% and you gain points, the other half loses points. (Example of a result board above left )
You win more points by knocking out your opponents and remaining in the game for the longer time. The Rankings the site has you is from "noob" to Platinum something I am not sure.
A lot of the so called "noobs" in ranking are actually geniuses who just found the game and will pwn you in 60 seconds or less, that is aggravating. You will catch yourself saying "NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" when playing this because it is so competitive. However the competition gives a whole new feel to Tetris and it can get fun after you get a hang of it.
One downside, it has one of the most cheesy background musics which includes some retro remix of a classic song from the "nutcracker" or the original music they had, the nutcracker doesn't really fit in well.
Anyway it is actually interesting to see and you might want to check it out.
There are no viruses i can assure you. I don't mean to spam either I am just reviewing a free game you'd check out if your bored.
I won't even try to rate this since you will probably not get hypothetically wasted as the others like to be while playing this game.
-- with regards, Mystery Black
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  1. The Images needed to be composed more correctly but this is getting better

  2. From now on post from your account... email to get admin rights.... but good review

  3. This game is nice and entertain us for a while but I get bored so fast haha
    Thanks anyway.


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