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We are going to use number of beers it takes to enjoy this game fully...since we are under age and have never had any (*nervous cough*) we are going to "pretend" we know. The lower the number the better the game. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask.
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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Water Cooler's are strange......

How are you supposed to change those giant tanks without spilling half of the fucking thing? I mean who came up with that brilliant fucking idea! What the Fucking Hell? I've used like 4 different OSs in the past 24 hours woo! Ugh yet another limitation of netbooks... the fucking pieces of shits can't record my fucking videos. To the tower I went... I could record it there but it ain't got no sound sound i had to transfer the vid back to my netbook to see if it was how I wanted... then back to the flippin' tower to edit then to the netbook and finally to another computer for compatibility check then to the tower again to post it on YouTube just for you bastards.... So you all get your intro and I lose sleep i coulda gotten, but noooo i gotta set up fucking face book shit and make a stupid youtube video for ya'll :-X but yea I think you all are bastards and do you know whats amazing? Fluff! OMG It's amazing! BTW ZOMG stands for Zoh My God and is a World of Warcraft reference to all you who say it and annoy me by not knowing what it means. Blarg! HAHAHA Terrorist lost GRUB for Ubuntu and now can't boot into his Windows 7 partition lol... That's why you don't install OS betas people. Man, I'm getting tired... Goodnight y'all!

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