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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 for PS3 (Extensive Review)

Superheros. They're good for Videogames right? What more than the untapped entertainment power of the thousands of Marvel characters. This was what I was thinking when I looked at Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 for the PS3. I had the first one for the PS2 and I liked it at the time, it had this re-playability factor and a sense of Epic with the amount of characters and the amazing music. Now for the sequel, I was expecting an overwhelming improvement over the first. So, let me tell you my impressions on this sequel.

Gameplay is smooth but generic, a few of the characters you play have very similar moves and styles, the proclaimed epic "fusion moves" where you combine powers of two superheros do good with a lot but combining similar people with the same powers get you the same kind of result, such as a person with a beam will always reflect the beam through Wolverine's claws or Captain America's shield to produce a clearing line. The melee fighting has been generic as the last one with light and heavy attack combos and numbers scrolling above the enemies on the screen. One improvement is that you can change the heros While you are fighting and that leaves room for some creativity and adaption. Plus for that. Grapics are a definite improvement over the last one, is well done but it is not spectacular.

Music is an extension of the game-play. I remeber in the first one they used a lot of classical instruments (flutes, scores of violins, thunderous drums) that gave an epic feel when fighting Giants and such. Sample Here from Youtube, you should listen to it. The sequel has a lot less giants, that disapointed me. But the feel of the music more using Techno and rock made you feel more bad-ass superhero controller than an ominous force. To me, music makes a large part of the game fun so that is why I Talk about it.

As for Voice acting: A lot of the characters sounded generic, but proffesionally well done, nothing wrong in it. It is incompatible with other voice actors like the Joker from Batman Arkham Asylum who sounded amazing. Some of the actors just sound like normal people with few breaks from monotone. But that doesn't matter.
The story is a different story. Excuse the cloy tautology. They advertised this game as following in part the Marvel Civil War which was an amazing series of comics following superheroes forced to register or get arrested, the series played on your views on laws and many of the superheroes fought against each other and died (including Goliath & Captain America, but I think he is reborn though ;)). They did follow vaguely it for what felt like sixty percent of the game. Then they got into this weird side-plot and out of place Nanomite story that just got me confused having read comics and never seeing that. In the previous one they had a cinematic in the end that shown the choices you made in the game had side-effects, narrated by Uatu the Watcher. They never shown that in MUA2. Again, disappointed but not complaining.

The game is easy to play in easy so if you get it play it in normal. Overall it is not a bad game, meets some expectations but lacks a *gasp* "WOW!!!" factor. It is a better sequel. So in amount of hypothetical Beers, this reviewer gives it a 3 out of 10 beers to fully enjoy.
Until Next Time---Mystery Black
P.S. Plenty of cheat codes for this game, so said in the guide. For a good site for that open this in a new tab or window

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