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Saturday, April 24, 2010

My Top 10 Movies found in Blu-Ray

I'll give you my list of the top ten Movies to own on Blu-Ray and a reason for it. The PS3 is great because it has Blu-Ray. Feel free to provide feedback. ---Mystery Black
Number 1: Batman The Dark Knight. So I have a spot for my only favorite D.C. Character. So it is from 2008 and has arguably one of the best ways to make a superhero movie. Amazing acting from the joker, Imax that shows on the screen, all the details you see are actually worth seeing. The action is splendid and the Drama is Realistic. The special features on the disk were actually insightful and I liked it. In the Blu-Ray Disk the screen shifts based on the Imax and regular camera, but the scenes are constant and it gives you plenty of stuff to watch besides the movie. It was well executed the way they released it.

Number 2: Avatar. It just got released and it is awesome, the image is crystal clear and full screen all the way, details again are worth watching (and its safe for the kids), however, there are no special features, and the story is good but not too much in my opinion. That is why it gets number 2, sometimes #2 happens you know?

Number 3: Blade Runner. You have to love the classics. This has been a favorite movie of mine because my father introduced me to it. With Harrison Ford in the mix the story itself plays out, and the movie continues to have influence with Science Fiction today (Recently with The Movie Gamer, and Moon). It is visually stunning for its time and deserves to at least be rented and seen once by any man who likes good fiction.

Number 4: 300. "This is Blasphemy, this is Madness, This IS SPARTA!" Who wouldn't want their minds boggled with CGI Blood squirting across the screen and seeing fantastic fights and feats of soldiers. You know its good.(I didn't think to put Watchmen in here because you would think of some dominance of blue people.)

Number 5: The Descent. This is mainly for those who like horror, and GORE. They did a really good job in making this, its affect of horror is straight out, no disappointment on my Side.

Number 6: Star Trek. I am surprised on how low this actually gets on the list but you know why this comes recommended. Visually, and acoustically, it is a BLAST.!!! Beyond awesome, plus you can find it paired with a Digital Copy which is fun to have on Your IPod or IPad and the IPad Mini(The IPhone). Or tap it in to the zune-iverse.

Number 7: Transformers. This is a Tie between one or two, But mainly because i love the sound these robots make. I was disappointed with the second one because it had scenes in IMAX I saw in theaters that were cut down to normal size in the movie. Its great to have for your sound system.

Number 8: BBC Planet Earth on Blu-Ray. A lot of people are recommending this for Blu-Ray, it has been on the top ten spots for many people of many sites and so on, it must be awesome to look at.

Number 9: 2012. From the King of Disaster movies like the American Godzilla. It is one movie that leaves you thinking, great to watch everything explode right in front of your eyes. In the two disc set, you see deleted scenes and alternate endings and an interactive Mayan Calendar. You get a sense of scale with this movie. It is great. Also from this guy I have 10,000 B.C. which I recommend but not it is not the best.

Number 10: 2001 A Space Odyssey. Yet another classic, beyond time, it is great to watch in standard, a beautiful sleeping aid for many people ;) and in HD you get to see all the details that were skipped in the '60's and see what they can't get away with now. They really did well restoring colors. Plus the extras are great.
Basis of Ranks: Story Quality and Visual ecstasy given. Do you Disagree with my list? please comment so.
Other recommended Blu-Rays: Terminator Salvation, Indiana Jones 4, Spider-Man 3, X-Men Origins Wolverine. Don't forget to help us by donating or sharing this site. Please? ----Until Next time. --Mystery Black.

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