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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Star Wars the Force Unleashed II ?

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Today I was at Gamestop and then this trailer caught my eye. It was one of my favorite video-game characters "Starkiller" from The Force Unleashed. You should have heard of it with its sales of 7 million units worldwide. **If you haven't finished/got the first one and care for spoilers stop reading this now**I thought maybe the trailer was of this alternate version of the game that I saw in Europe. But this wasn't it. He was conflicted, and now sporting two backward held lightsabers, in a stadium and about to face the baddest Rancor I've ever seen.

But then I thought: hee-haw wasn't that guy dead? (the trailer I was looking at had no audio) So this game has caught me by surprise. I thought they wouldn't make a sequel to this, the story was too good and fitting with his death (or turning into a crippled Sith in the alternate ending). So I searched it up. To me it looks as if the game has more conflicts of desires now. I am super excited and can't wait sense it seems to come out this year. My guess around the months of September to December. It is a wonderful surprise, I would love to buy it. I'll post a link to the promotion site here in case you would check it out.
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  1. People have mixes opinion about the game. In my case the game introduces new game mechanics but the overall it is almost the same game. The problem is that the story is really bad. It lacked of a great story. They should focus at least in a better story because the story is something more important if they had the engine.


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