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We are going to use number of beers it takes to enjoy this game fully...since we are under age and have never had any (*nervous cough*) we are going to "pretend" we know. The lower the number the better the game. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask.
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Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Club

Another quick nostalgia Review. The Club. I'll say right now it is a an ambiguous pass. Although it is good in some aspects of the game-play, it fails over-all in other parts and play-ability factoring.
It feels kind of short in its levels. There is basically no story. In one way you are trying to escape the Club which is run from a bunch of Psycho Killer. But mainly your are just killing people like some Gladiator.They all seem like stereotypical characters. The graphics are good for it. However in the game-play it is all just some racing with extra Targets and enemies ( I love how it calls out headshots). It works but not too brightly, the game stresses you. All it is is looping around with a countdown, but dieing in the process. The best aspect of the game is its Title music, which is awesome in my opinion.
I feel lazy and will stop the review here since there isn't much else interesting to you in the game. five theoretical beers out of ten.

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