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Friday, May 7, 2010

Iron man 2 movie review

Are you wondering to see Iron Man 2 but previous disappointed sequels have you reluctant to watch it? Let me tell you my opinion.
So in correspondence of my nerdgasm and love for superheroes I reserved my tickets for Iron Man 2 two weeks ago and heres what I thought. Firstly there is a lot more special effects than the last one, you would have to have seen the post-credits to the last one (basically Nick Fury played by Samuel L. Jackson approached Tony after his press conference into the "Avengers Initiative" in the sequel, in Iron man 2 you see Tony having a role being selected and a consultant with Fury).

Besides that the movie takes where it is off, just six months later. Some Russian named Ivan Vanko is able to engineer the designs of the Arc reactor from Stark and builds his own weapons. Stark is realizing he gets problems with the mantel of Iron Man (hint it has to do with blood toxicity which I thought was following some alcoholic plan).The following plot was actually surprisingly unpredictable which left me enthralled in the movie.
The Special Effects were amazing, the acting was great and the action was exciting. Music in the movie was a combination of the thunderous plays you often hear with a touch of Metal rock and a bit of Hip Hop here and there; nothing music-wise is too catchy. In the movie I did see some minor product placement. The acting on Robert Downey Junior's part fitted the role. Pepper Potts seemed like the rational character. The main villain Whiplash was more superficial but worked as the antagonist. Just the one who played Justin Hammer seemed eccentric and out of place in the movie since the eccentric one was supposed to be Stark, but the acting did provide some comic relief as he reminded me of Owen Wilson.
Now as you might know, they replaced Jim Rhodes / War Machine from the first one with another actor because the first one was just not good enough. And to be honest, the character of Rhodey was preserves and I cannot tell the difference (I am not racist, I see a minor difference but they are too alike).
Overall I loved it, I'll give a plot overview if you want to check it out. It is the Epitome of Awesome, IRON MAN 2 surprised me! You should see it. 0 out of 10 beers to enjoy (if you could even sneak any in).

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