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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Time Shift (Nostalgia Reviews)

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Believe it or not this video-game was my first Play Station 3 video-game experience. Now that I look back it is not the best to start with, but it works. It made up from lack of Definite story in music and especially Game-Play. What makes this game unique in its way from the rest of the swarm of first person Science Fiction Shooters you see is Its very unique weapon. Aside from the good weapons and character design this game has, the only thing that will make you play this is one feature that I barely see in Video-games and they did well.
In this game, you have the control over time!
And that is the thing that I love of this game. In this game, you can Slow down, Pause and Even REVERSE. Yes REVERSE time, at the push of a button. And the way that works is too awesome to let alone. There is a computer that tells you automatically what is best to do if you press the button to shift time, or you can do it manually. This feature is unique to this game, as you play there are so many experiments you can try out to maximize your advantage, and pwn the enemies you are after. You can grab their guns before they fire, reverse the grenades they launch, stop them from shooting you, basically all the problems you get when playing games can be corrected or not. (too bad the shifts are limited) Besides that you have a couple of puzzles and such that you have to do with these abilities, you can use it with vehicles and Torrents. This is a very fun game because of that. I love it.
So let me break down this story for you in the beginning. A scientist at a secret Lab developing portable Time travel goes back in time with a suit that you helped made. You take the Beta version and go after him before the whole place explodes. But he got more into the past then you and created an alternate reality where he rules. You join a rebellion movement and you can get the jest from there. The story before what I told you comes in Flashbacks of the player (whom you never see the face of). The story during the rebelion kind of comes like Call of Duty, you hear the guys talk and you can look around. The characters you fight vary from Normal Soldiers, snipers and mercenaries, to guys who also control time ( Much hard to kill because they move fast or seem to teleport [slow down time or pause it]), to Flying planes and blimps, to torrent robots that look like they belong on Robo-Cop, to a giant walking machine that a lot of games seem to have similar ones. You know what I am talking about, they're black, have four legs and walk everywhere. I see those kind of things on Fracture and Jak 3. (you probably don't know what I talk about)
Before this gets to long I'll conclude my review. It is a great classic game for its single player game-play ability to control time like you want (although it does have multi-player with people who surprisingly still play this). It is a great experience and you should check it out. I include a video showing you what I am talking about.
---'til next time -- Mystery Black

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